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Brooklyn Connor, a vibrant and determined real estate professional from Spokane, WA, brings a unique blend of creativity and resilience to her real estate career. A graduate of University High School and the University of Idaho, Brooklyn initially pursued a path in Apparel Design and Business. Her journey through the fashion world, marked by internships, working at Fashion Weeks, and roles in various fashion capitals like Los Angeles, Atlanta, and Denver, honed her ability to thrive in challenging environments.

Living in Denver as a Couture Designer, Brooklyn embraced the chaos of a ten-roommate household, learning valuable lessons in adaptability and perseverance. However, a family tragedy in 2021 reoriented her priorities towards being closer to her beloved family.

An encounter with Tyler Carlson of Carlson & Co. marked the beginning of her rapid transition into real estate, a field she finds deeply rewarding and aligned with her values of creating significant impacts and managing intricate details. Brooklyn is passionate about helping people find their ideal homes and build wealth, driven by her motto to "love your life, your job, and where you live."

Outside work, Brooklyn cherishes family time, whether it's snowmobiling in the Northwest, playing competitive card games, or supporting the Zags. She also indulges in her love for Pantone Color Theory, using it to enhance her real estate projects and marketing. Brooklyn's story is a testament to the power of adaptability and the courage to embrace new beginnings.