Food & Toy Drive 2022

This holiday we are partnering with Vaness Behan for a food & toy drive! Vanessa Behan’s vision is to provide immediate refuge for children and support to strengthen families. We currently remain 100% community funded, so by purchasing and donating the items on our lists you are helping to get us EXACTLY what we need to care for the kiddos who visit us. These donation drives offer another way for our community to be involved and support our mission and services. We couldn’t keep kids safe and strengthen families without you!

Basic Information:

 We do NOT accept used items – this includes toys, clothing, and furniture. 

Food items must be unexpired, undamaged, and have an expiration date on them.

We serve children up through age 12 years now, so that is why you will see the larger sizes and toys for older kiddos on our lists. 

Food for Little Bellies (Priority):

Ground Beef (must have packaged date on it)

Ground Turkey (must have packaged date on it)

Frozen Chicken Breast or Thighs (must have packaged date on it)

Dry Pasta

Pasta Sauce


Olive Oil

Cream of (any type) Soup*

Mac & Cheese

*Please keep cans under 50oz to ensure none is wasted. Thanks!


Breakfast Foods (Priority):

Bacon (must have packaged date on it)

Breakfast Sausage (must have packaged date on it)

Pancake Mix

Cereal (non-sugary: Cheerios, Chex, Honey Nut Cheerios)




Snack Time (Priority):

Gerber, or other brand, Puff snacks


Crackers (graham or Ritz)

Muffin Mix

Canned Fruit (mandarin oranges, pears, pineapple – all in water or natural juices)*

Canned Vegetables (corn, peas, green beans, carrots)*

*Please keep cans under 50oz to ensure none is wasted. Thanks!


Baking with Kids (Priority):

Baking Soda

Evaporated Milk



Brown Sugar

Canola Oil

Pan Spray

Chocolate Chips

Distilled Water

Parchment Paper

Muffin Liners


Awesome Sauce (Priority):

BBQ Sauce

Ranch Dressing

White Vinegar


Salsa (mild)

Olive Oil

*Please keep cans under 50oz to ensure none is wasted. Thanks!


Baby Care (Priority):

Diapers (especially size 4, 5, 6)

Pull-Ups (sizes 3T-4T, 4T-5T, adult small)

Baby Wipes

Baby Wipes (specific brand “water wipes” for sensitive skin)

Children’s Toothbrushes


Housekeeping (Priority):

Kleenex tissues

Laundry soap (free & clear)

Dishwasher detergent

Sponges for Dishes

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

S.O.S Pads


Kitchen Items:

Disposable aluminum casserole pans (9x13)

Parchment Paper

Ziploc Freezer Bags (size: sandwich, quart, gallon)

Muffin liners

Sponges for Dish Washing

S.O.S Pads


Clothing (Priority):

Winter Tops & Bottoms, or Outfits:

            Girls & Boys sizes 12 months

Girl & Boys size 18 months    

Winter Tops:

            Boys size 4T

Winter pants:

            Boys size 9 months

Girls size 3T

Boys size 5T


            Girls & Boys size 12 months

Girls & Boys size 18 months

            Girls & Boys size 6

Girls & Boys size 10

Girls & Boys size 12

Girls & Boys size 14


            Girls size 8


Toddler Items:

Toys Related to Professions (i.e. firefighter, doctor, carpenter, veterinarian….)

Natural Wood Blocks

Carpet Squares

Busy Boards


Baby dolls and clothes


Older Kid’s Items:

Games for Older Kids (i.e. Monopoly Jr., Scrabble Jr, Clue Jr., Trouble, Boggle Jr. Kerplunk, Blockus)


Sticky Ball Darts

Hot Wheels/Match Box cars

Straw Constructor Toys

Lite Brite (mini size)

Balancing Stone Building Blocks

Counting bears/Sea Creatures/Bugs

Splat Balls

Origami Paper


Reanna Thompson

Volunteer Director

Vanessa Behan

[email protected]

Direct 509.340.0498

Reception 509.598.7490

2230 E. Sprague Avenue

Spokane, WA 99202

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