Hot Water Heater Blankets, Are They Worth It?

Get that hot water heater a blanket ASAP

One of the main questions I am often asked as a Realtor is, "Do you know the average power bill on this home?" or "Can you find out the average power bill for this home?"  A second question I am asked is, "If I buy this home, do you know of any low-cost updates I can make to improve the homes efficiency?" My answer is always Yes. Oh, and yes; and once again, yes.

Most importantly the third Yes to, "Are there any low-cost updates I can make to improve the homes power usage efficiency?" One simple way to lower the cost to your power bill is to get that hot water heater a blanket.  No, not a blanket off the bed. A blanket specifically designed for a hot water heater. There are many brands and options to choose from. Do your research and find the right one for your tank.  A proper blanket can save you anywhere from 8-17% of your annual heating bill. 

A hot water heater blanket will also extend the life of your water heater.  Because it helps keep the water warm/hot this means your water heater will be forced to heat less often.  So rather than 10 years of life for a water heater you may get 12 or more years, saving money on replacement

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