Is Snow on My Roof Good or Bad?

Is this thing they call winter really, "The most wonderful time of the year"? You know that time of year when snow blankets pile up on rooftops.  That time of year where our cars skid off the road, or into another vehicle, tree, name it? When snow slides down your windshield at a stoplight because you forgot or ran out of time and had to leave before clearing it off the top?  Blankets, and blankets and blankets of snow all over the place.  (Insert scratching record sound) Once again I digress.  We are here to learn about our home and the blanket of snow on our roof. Is it good or bad?  

Ok, here we go. I'm back on target.  You just sit back and read this little article while you're all bundled up, indoors, under a pile of your own blankets, the warm and fuzzy kind.  

GoOd oR baD...SnOw...On...MY...rOOf...DID YOU KNOW,  

A well-placed blanket of snow can have a peculiar effect on your roof. If there’s too much, you might want to think about a plan to eliminate it. However, a word of caution, be careful when you do. Melting snow can turn back into ice if you reach freezing temps again. This might create ice dams that cause their own set of problems. Boooooo .

On a happy note, a few inches of snow can be a good thing and may even act as free insulation, keeping your heat inside your home where you want it. It's also a good indicator that your attics insolation is doing its job.  YAY!

But did you also know, patches of melting snow can mean that your attics insolation is in poor condition. This poor condition allows all that lovely heat, you've paid lots of money for, to seep right out through the roof. 

For a detailed article please check out Snow on the Roof: The Good and the Bad - North Arundel Contracting (

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