Buy, sell, wait, "GO!... Stay put".... "you can refinance," "did you ask about a rate buy-down?" "What even is a point?" "Is there an App for that?" "Where did we put the escrow?" "Who do we call?" "Inspection is not an appraisal..what?"

If you are like many people in the boat of feeling overwhelmed, with posts, ads, reels, TikToks, mailers, DMs, calls, hooks, lines, and other attempts that feel like smoke and mirrors of ploys in real estate. Constantly confronted with what feels like many different answers to a similar question:

"What should we do?"

The expectation and bare minimum should be: if you go to an expert in the industry, their answer should reflect the goals and needs of the individual.

Now, here's the kicker: When you turn to an expert for guidance, their advice should match what you actually need. It's like they should have a customized plan just for you. Sure, there might be different ways to reach your real estate goals, but until you're ready and eager to dive in, those "five hacks to buying a home" won't mean much.


So, let's talk about that all-important question: Are you ready? Maybe you're renting a place, and your upstairs neighbor has turned tap dancing into their life mission. Or your furry friend needs a bigger yard to explore, or the daily commute is getting old. Your reasons for wanting a place of your own are endless, and that's what matters.

Once you've decided you're in the game, the next chat should be with a lender. They'll help you figure out what you can afford and craft a financing strategy that suits your long-term plans. And yes, we're talking about those big, grand plans that stretch into the future. Long-term plans.


Have I lost you yet? Mid-blog check-in. Are you still with me? Take a little breather if you need it. We're almost done here.

Now, I could go on and on about the nitty-gritty details of brainstorming, planning, and getting to that sweet end result. But before your eyes start to glaze over, let's zoom out for a sec. Think of buying a home as a relationship and a service, not just a transaction. Find someone who gets you, someone who can help turn your dreams into reality. Because buying a home is all about you – your style, your needs, and your investment.

So, remember, it's not just about real estate overload; it's about finding your real agent who wants a relationship, provide a service, and enter into goal planning with all ahead of sale.

Get ready, get set....Let me know when you are ready to go.

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Service not sales 

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